Bret Michaels Lifestyle & Collectibles

From collectibles to everyday items, Bret Michaels Lifestyle & Collectibles is a unique concept to blend shopping and charity in the digital age. No auctions, no bidding, just click and purchase items and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Life Rocks Foundation. It blends items that were purchased, owned, and used by the Michaels household along with Bret's Lifestyle Collection featuring Bret Michaels Candles.

The Life Rocks Foundation donates to a wide variety of local and international charities throughout the year. Youth programs, diabetes related charities, storm relief, military support, cancer charities, and many, many more, have all received funds from the Life Rocks Foundation.

Bret Michaels Collectibles will feature items from a variety of sources, including new items, vintage items, rare collectibles, everyday items, gently used items, and more. Check back often for new items!

Check out the Bret Michaels Candle Collection and more here.